Alasdair to zawsze przyjazny i pozytywny Australijczyk, który z Polską związał się na dłużej:) Al to mega doświadczony i wykwalifikowany nauczyciel, a nie przypadkowy anglojęzyczny turysta:)
Al Joyce
A tak o sobie mówi sam (przeczytajcie koniecznie, ponieważ macie okazję poćwiczyć swój angielski):
'I am a CELTA-qualified English teacher from Australia with ten years of experience spanning across Australia, The UK, Spain and Poland.
My interest in ESL teaching started while I was living in a shared flat in Edinburgh. Out of all my flat mates, I was the only native speaker of English and so they would often ask me questions about the language. I enjoyed helping them so much that I thought I could do this for a living. That was when I decided to pursue a career in English language teaching.
Since then I have had experience teaching English at all levels from complete beginner to advanced and am able to gauge my students’ progress and adjust my teaching approach accordingly.
At Golden Fox I conduct regular classes and topical workshops which cover various areas such as travel, job-seeking and cultures. We always have a great time!
If I’m not teaching, you can find me riding my motorcross bike or exploring historical sites.’